Does your car insurance policy transfer when you rent a car?

Answer Auto Rentals and Auto Insurance Coverage Usually your car insurance policy does "transfer" when you rent a car. It is always best to check with your auto insurance agent first, before you rent a ca... Read More »

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Can apt renters insurance backdate policy to pay claim on unemployed rent payment?

How to Transfer Ownership of a Life Insurance Policy?

If you have a large life insurance policy that is considered part of your estate, your beneficiaries could be subject to the federal estate tax--a whopping 45% of your assets--after your death. To ... Read More »

Can you transfer a whole life insurance policy to another company?

Yes you can transfer the cash value in the whole life policy into another cash value policy (ie Whole Life to Whole Life, Whole life to Universal Life, etc) or into an annuity (such as variable and... Read More »

If divorced parents live in different states can the non-custodial parent transfer the child to his health insurance policy?

Non-Custodial Parent Insuring Child It is a choice between both parents regardless of who has custody.