Does your brain ever heal?

Answer no. Especially with that drug. Ecstasy is a derivative of methamphetamine, which acts by creating free radical oxygen in your brain. This destroys brain tissue, which never regenerates.What you'... Read More »

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Have you ever felt like there was something lodged in your brain?

If you ever had dysarthria after a traumatic brain injury, share your story?

I know someone who has had flaccid dysarthria her entire life. She can't move some of her mouth muscles and because of that, she can't talk and she sometimes drools.She doesn't have any mental prob... Read More »

Is it possible for brain cells to heal by themselves?

Hmm, I had a stroke and had to relearn several motions and grips and functions. So I would venture to say, yes, either healing damage from the clot or creating new pathways as you gain more function.

Have you ever thought so much..that is feels like your brain wants to be put on a shelf..for a little while?