Does your balls hurt when you have your laptop on your knee in bed?

Answer ya It can causes so ....As the body needs to maintain a proper testicular "penus and balls" temperature for normal sperm production and development and as Portable computers in a laptop position p... Read More »

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Does it hurt to leave your adapter cord plugged in continually to your laptop?

HelloThe only pro is convenience of not unplugging it.This can also reduce the life of the power adapter.The main problem with leaving the adaptor plugged into a laptop and power is it can shorten ... Read More »

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Can your knee hurt from sitting at your desk all day?

oh sure my butt hurts some days. lately it's been my eyes the most from staring at the damn screen!

You have bumps under the skin one on your back one on your knee and one on your arm what are thay if not cyst?

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