Does your baby move a lot while your in labour?

Answer No your baby is pretty still while you are in labor. I had my son at 37 and 1/2 weeks and he didn't move at all while I was in labor but every women and pregnancy is different so don't be alarmed i... Read More »

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Can your baby move abit still when you start labour?

Answer Yes, many babies appear to kick their way out. My second twin was laying crossways when I went into labour but as soon as her brother was born she took a nosedive and was born head first.

What is the normal procedure at labour ward if water bag burst and the chances to baby to drink the water because my baby was cp baby now?

What do you mean as in CP? Cerebral Palsy? Did the use a suction machine or forceps to help your baby come out? As your baby grew inside of you it had mucus plugs in its nose and mouth, to seal t... Read More »

After 2 weeks of labour is the baby dead?

please elaborate...what do you mean by labor, for 2 weeks? Labor doesnt kill a baby, so if one is really in labor for 2 weeks, ( which I've never heard of) there's no reason for a baby to be dead. ... Read More »

How long after the baby dropped till you go into labour?

Took me a few weeks from the baby dropping until contractions picked up... & i still ended up being induced.