Does your baby move a lot while your in labour?

Answer No your baby is pretty still while you are in labor. I had my son at 37 and 1/2 weeks and he didn't move at all while I was in labor but every women and pregnancy is different so don't be alarmed i... Read More »

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Can your baby move abit still when you start labour?

Answer Yes, many babies appear to kick their way out. My second twin was laying crossways when I went into labour but as soon as her brother was born she took a nosedive and was born head first.

What kind of danger is your baby in if you don't go into labour and your water breaks?

Answer Once the protective bag around the baby is broken, as happens when your waters break, there is a danger that infection can travel up to the baby. This is particularly the case if you have an... Read More »

Does your baby move a lot before you gonna go into labor?

The baby normally slows down his/her movement before labor but everyone's labor is different. So, this is not a must!

This is your third pregnancy when should you feel your baby move?

Why are you asking? This is your third? It doesn't matter whether it's first or fifth. You generally feel it when you are four or five months pregnant.