Does your baby get your hair color or their grandparents?

Answer You can't be sure, hair colour is determined by DNA - who gets what is totally unknown. Although there are some factors that make it more likely to get one trait or another. For example brown eyes ... Read More »

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If your teenage son's grandparents bought him a truck which was financed by them and insured in their name how do you go about getting insurance in your name?

Answer The teenager should have been listed on the policy of the truck as the primary operator. You then call the insurance company and ask them to provide a policy in the name of the teenager. N... Read More »

Who didn't post their baby pics yet What's your favorite pic of your child What makes a perfect baby pic?

All of the pics are so sweet! So many beautiful angels i'm not sure how to post a pic on here but i enjoyed looking at all your sweet babies. I also think off the cuff pics are the cutest...some of... Read More »

Does your hair color influence your personality?

One of the most important things I've learned is that it generally takes more energy to become upset than it does to simply "shrug it off." When I was younger, I confused independence and individua... Read More »

How to Celebrate Grandparents' Day when Your Grandparents Are All Dead?

Some teens are just unfortunate when it comes to grandparents. We've lost them all at a young age. Maybe they died before you were born. Maybe they died when you were a baby. Maybe they died when y... Read More »