Does your age affect your credit score?

Answer Your age is not a factor in calculating your credit score, also known as a FICO score. The credit score formula is based only on payment history (35 percent), amount owed (30 percent), length of hi... Read More »

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Does checking your credit affect your credit score?

Credit scores are checked by various people including insurance companies, prospective employers, creditors and credit card companies. Individuals may also check their credit scores. According to P... Read More »

How does consolidating your debt affect your credit score?

All they do is take one big check you write them, and pay off your creditors. When one debt is done, they take the money from that and apply it to debt #2, so it goes faster until it's paid. Repe... Read More »

Does Checking Your Credit Affect Your Score?

When you check your credit or anyone else checks your credit, an inquiry is generated at the bottom of your credit report. Some inquiries can affect your credit, but others cannot.MisconceptionsAc... Read More »

How does your address affect your credit score?

Your address does not affect your credit score. Your credit report remains the same no matter where you live, and living in one part of town doesn't give someone a better score than someone in anot... Read More »