Does yoohoo stain!'?

Answer HiSince your shorts are white I would recommend using bleach (not joking) just normal household bleach put in the sink add warm water and add the shorts leave for about 30min - 1hour and the shorts... Read More »

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Why does yoohoo tastes better in a can than a bottle?

I have never seen Yoohoo in cans. It is possible that protecting the contents from light makes it taste better.

Yoohoo or Nesquik?

How to Take Care of a Yoohoo Plushie?

Do you have a yoohoo but have no idea how to take care of it? If so this is the article for you!

How long does it take concrete stain to stain concrete floor?

It takes two to three hours for concrete stain to fully penetrate into a concrete floor. Note that this is just one step in the process. It can take up to five days to complete a concrete floor sta... Read More »