Does yogurt with live cultures give you gas?

Answer On One Hand: Yogurt Can Cause GasEveryone has gas in their digestive system. However, some people may find certain foods or medications to cause excessive gas. These foods are not the same for ever... Read More »

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What do you think of when I say yogurt cultures?

There are these elderly people in Russia who are said to have a secret to their longevity by drinking yougurt. That's a yogurt culture! Also, I think of digestive aids, for that's what these cult... Read More »

What Are Active Yogurt Cultures?

Many yogurt brands list live active yogurt cultures on the label, but many people aren't sure exactly what this label means. In fact, it is those live active cultures that make yogurt such a health... Read More »

How to Prepare Protist Slides From Live Cultures?

Microscopy is a technique used to examine features of microscopic organisms. Protists are one of the most commonly studied organisms in microscopy because they are like animals, plants, and fungi b... Read More »

Can you give yogurt to a cat?

Plain yogurt is a healthy treat for cats, and for cats who have a taste for dairy products, it's more digestible than milk. In fact, the acidophilus in yogurt is a "friendly" bacteria that promotes... Read More »