Does yogurt spoil?

Answer An unopened, refrigerated container of yogurt is good for 7 days past the "sell by" date. After opened, it is best to eat it immediately, or it should be tossed within a week. Yogurt should have a ... Read More »

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Can yogurt spoil?

Although yogurt is made from fermented milk, it can spoil quickly. According to, yogurt must be stored in the refrigerator and should not be eaten or served after the expiration date. Th... Read More »

I have the flu, will yogurt spoil in my stomach like other dairy products?

when I had the flu and stomach pain I ate Activia it REALLY works the next day I felt 50 % better and by day 2 I felt 100 % better so try activia It didn't spoil my stomach so Probably not yours e... Read More »

Does frozen yogurt have the same enzyme as yogurt?

Yogurt is made by enzymes produced from the bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Fresh yogurt that is not heated has the highest quantity of ... Read More »

What does "Cultured Yogurt" mean I know what Yogurt is but what's that Thanks?

"Cultures" refers to the bacteria used to make the yogurt. It's best that your yogurt be cultured - cultures are healthy "probiotics" and if your yogurt is not cultured it probably uses chemicals a... Read More »