Does yasmin cause depression?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, It CanYasmin, a popular oral contraceptive pill, works by shifting the hormone balance in a woman's body. This shift in hormones has a number of possible side effects, one of whic... Read More »

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Does yasmin cause hair loss?

On One Hand: Not OfficiallyYasmin's manufacturers do not include hair loss among its list of known side effects, which include headache, nausea, abdominal pain, breast pain, back pain, acne, bronch... Read More »

Does coffee cause depression?

On One Hand: Caffeinated Coffee May Cause Depression SymptomsAccording to Kansas State University, drinking caffeinated coffee can lead to feelings of depression. The university explains that caffe... Read More »

Does reglan cause depression?

On One Hand: Safe TreatmentReglan may be taken to safely and effectively treat certain gastrointestinal conditions. Reglan is the brand name of a drug called metoclopramide that helps food pass fro... Read More »

Does Singulair cause depression?

On One Hand: Researchers have found no evidence.The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported The American Lung Association re-evaluated and analyzed the original observations and notes f... Read More »