Does yahoo sell our questions?

Answer No, Yahoo! do not sell questions or answers. When questions or answers are published, they are available on the world wide web. All these other sites do is capture the content and display it on the... Read More »

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How do I ask questions on Yahoo! Answers?

Go outside and pick up some dog crap. Once you've picked up about 5 pounds of it, stick the dog crap into a paper bag. Add a dash of pepper and squeeze in some lemon juice onto it. Once you're done... Read More »

Why do you answered questions of strangers at Yahoo?

"Why do you answer the questions of strangers on Yahoo?"I just like knowing that somewhere I am helping somewhere. I am going to school for psychology and am hoping to get into the career of doing ... Read More »

How do you post questions on yahoo answers?

i like how theres a few people who actually answer the question by saying the ask button on the top of the page

How do you answer questions on Yahoo Answers?

Thank you very much, it is not a stupid question by no mean man? Think it is a pretty poignant question in fact. Sort of important to know here. I also could find no link to answer questions, until... Read More »