Does yahoo messenger slow down a computer?

Answer On One Hand: There Are Fixes OnlineOne of the strongest pieces of evidence that Yahoo Messenger slows down your computer is the wide array of fixes available online. Some of the flash advertisement... Read More »

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Does storing too much e-mail in your Yahoo box slow your computer down?

No, because its not stored or occupying your computer's HDD space. Are you meaning to say your drive is running out of free space? Its also possible that your HDD is fragmented. Its always good to ... Read More »

Does a slow computer slow down internet?

No, internet speed is based upon your ISP (internet service provider). If your computer is running slow, follow these steps.1) Clean up the disk. Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that ... Read More »

Is yahoo messenger down?

Why is yahoo messenger shutting down?

With all the hoaxes, myths, and urban legends related to, it is hard to trust any information when it comes to shut downs, possible viruses or complications. The latest rumor is that Yaho... Read More »