Does xocai work?

Answer On One Hand: There are BenefitsXocai chocolates are a line of beautifully wrapped chocolates claiming health benefits. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, which have been proven to help prevent... Read More »

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What is xocai?

You may have heard this company's name thrown around in a conversation. Xocai is an international health food company that sells chocolate-based products.PronunciationTo remove ambiguity, the compa... Read More »

What is Xocai chocolate?

Andrew and Jeanette Brooks founded Xocai Healthy Chocolates in 2005, promoting the brand as a healthy alternative to processed chocolate. Xocai chocolates emphasize unprocessed ingredients that nat... Read More »

Does FertilAid and fertiletea Really work and how long does it take to work?

I read on the website that it takes up to 3 months to work.. I start taking it 4/6/10 and i start feeling different after a few days of using it. Like my mood was more relaxed i was less moody. And... Read More »

How does ice work for keeping the swelling down or why does it work?

Ugh, if people don't know what they are talking about they shouldn't bother answering. It is the cold that reduces swelling. It works by causing vasoconstriction.The pathophysiology is simple once ... Read More »