Does wood contain hydrogen?

Answer Wood does not contain hydrogen in its composition. Cellulose is the major component of wood. While hydrogen is not present in wood, the cellulose in wood will yield hydrogen and other gasses.Source... Read More »

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Does methane contain hydrogen?

Methane contains hydrogen. The chemical formula of methane is CH4, indicating that one molecule of the compound has one carbon and four hydrogen atoms. Methane is a gas at room temperature and is a... Read More »

Why does planet Jupiter contain so much hydrogen?

The planet Jupiter has such a large hydrogen content because that's what was in its corner of the universe when the solar system was forming about 4.5 billion years ago.CloudThe solar system formed... Read More »

Compounds That Contain Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a very reactive nonmetal capable of behaving like both a cation or an anion in a compound. A cation is a neutral atom that has lost one or more electrons in the process of bonding and ... Read More »

What Products Contain Hydrogen Sulfide?

Hydrogen sulfide is often referred to as "sewer gas" because it is often a product of breaking down waste. When it is at a low level it smells like rotten eggs, but at the low level it is not neces... Read More »