Does winter contribute to depression?

Answer On One Hand: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Is CommonWinter does make many people depressed, and there is even an aptly named disorder referring to winter depression: Seasonal Affective Disorder... Read More »

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Does the US contribute enough to UN?

Does sugar contribute to hyperactivity?

Processed sugars can contribute to hyperactivity. When refined sugars enter the bloodstream, they can cause rapid changes in blood glucose levels and thus trigger adrenaline levels, making a person... Read More »

Does hypertension contribute to stroke?

On One Hand: Strokes can be caused by hypertensionStrokes are caused by a lack of blood supply to a certain part of the brain. A person with hypertension usually has diminished blood flow to the br... Read More »

Does silica contribute to healthy skin?

On One Hand: Silica Is Good for SkinSilica, a trace mineral found in many beans and fruits, does contribute to healthy skin. It increases collagen production and skin elasticity. Without it, the sk... Read More »