Does winmx work with vista?

Answer WinMX is a program that allows users to share files through the decentralized WinMX Peer Network, which includes chat rooms for user communication. WinMX is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7... Read More »

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Does VNC work with Vista?

VNC supports Windows Vista. Additionally, it supports every operating system based on Windows NT (such as Windows XP and 7), from Windows NT 4.0 to present. Network administrators and technicians u... Read More »

Does IE6 work with Vista?

Internet Explorer does not inherently work with Vista, according to APC Magazine. However, you can use IE6 on Vista by downloading Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image, which allow... Read More »

Does WinRAR work with Vista?

According to the RARLAB Knowledge Base, the latest version of WinRAR is compatible with releases of the Windows operating system from Windows 98 to Windows 7. WinRAR software is available for 32- a... Read More »

Does CorelDraw 10 work with Vista?

CorelDRAW 10 will work with Microsoft Windows Vista if you disable the User Account Control, or UAC, located in your Control Panel. This will allow you to install the program without the interrupti... Read More »