Does windows media player 9 have a cd ripper?

Answer Windows Media Player 9 does have a tool that rips CDs. Ripping is another word for copying the CD to the computer. In Windows Media Player 9 the CD ripper tool appears as "Rip." Click on the link i... Read More »

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Does Vista have Windows Media Player 11?

Windows Media Player 11 is installed on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Media Player 11 is included with editions such as Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vis... Read More »

Does Windows Media Player 11 have a burner?

Windows Media Player 11 has a "Burn" menu that allows for CD and DVD burning, provided a CD and/or DVD recording drive is installed in the computer. Windows Media Player 11 supports the creation of... Read More »

Does windows media player 11 have dvd burning capability?

According to Microsoft, you can burn data, music and video files to a DVD using Media Player 11, but not movies. Media Player supports DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+R type discs, but not DVD-... Read More »

Does a Sandisk Sansa m240 1GB MP3 player use Windows Media Player?

The Sandisk Sansa m240 1GB MP3 player does use Windows Media Player. The specific versions of Windows Media Player that it is compatible with are either WMP version 9 or version 10 in the XP operat... Read More »