Does windows have a scan option somewhere?

Answer Some models have the software included in Windows. Others will require you to install the software from the disk that came with the machine. If your disk does not work you will need to search the m... Read More »

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I want to be able to scan a document on my scanner have have a option to convert the document to pdf?

Adobe Acrobat is for viewing while Adobe Acrobat Professional is for editing and converting/saving your documents to pdf.For editing Acrobat pdf file, it has a software called Adobe Designer which ... Read More »

When i preform a full scan, does it scan through all my windows account?

Yes.Look in task manager and find the process is using the most CPU. Search the internet for the name of the process followed by the phrase 'high cpu'. You should be able to find some help on what ... Read More »

Do we have to always choose the "safely remove hardware" option in Windows when removing a flash drive?

You should alway use that to remove the disk from your computer..If you dont, the disk will become unusable and you wont be able to reformat or even use it at all.Even if you plug it in, it wont be... Read More »

How do I make old version of Windows default boot option in Windows 7?

Open the "System" WindowClick on the "Start" button located in the Windows 7 taskbar. Right-click on the option labeled "Computer." Select "Properties" from the drop-down menu and click on it, whic... Read More »