Does windows have a scan option somewhere?

Answer Some models have the software included in Windows. Others will require you to install the software from the disk that came with the machine. If your disk does not work you will need to search the m... Read More »

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How do I make old version of Windows default boot option in Windows 7?

Open the "System" WindowClick on the "Start" button located in the Windows 7 taskbar. Right-click on the option labeled "Computer." Select "Properties" from the drop-down menu and click on it, whic... Read More »

How do I scan into a pdf file that wont come out sideways I rotate and the save option is not available!?

Print preview will allow you to make the changes you need

Photosmart c5180. The scan to file option has disappeared from the menu How do I get it back?

Uninstall the application completely with this in 'Advanced Mode':…After that, reinstall the application. The installer can be obtained from the HP website.

How can I reformat an external hdd that was previously formatted with Linux via dish network to be windows compatible and Windows device manager has the option grayed out?

You are not able to transfer the recordings from the DVR receiver to your computer. The programming language used for the receiver is different than that used for computers. You can use an externa... Read More »