Does window unit air conditioner have to sit in a window?

Answer Window air conditioning units must be installed in a window because the heat generated by the air conditioner needs to vent outside instead of remaining in the room. If window installation is not p... Read More »

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Where is the air conditioner drain plug on a window unit?

Mine had a small rubber plug on the outside, lower edge of the unit.

Window Air Conditioner Unit Repair Tips?

On a hot summer day a working window air conditioner provides cool air. If your window air conditioner becomes faulty you may wish to repair it. Repairing your window air conditioner prevents you f... Read More »

Can a window air conditioner unit cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

Air conditioners cannot produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is produced from fuel-burning devices such as furnaces, cars, gas stoves and generators. If a car or generator is idling near a wind... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover a window mounted air conditioner that fell out of the window and damaged the building?

It might. there might be some argument if the company is picky over the installation of it. If it was there when you moved in the building owner has to deal with it.