Does wild yam contain steroids?

Answer The root of the wild yam contains steroidal glycosides known as diosgenin. Wild yam roots have been used for centuries as a treatment for rheumatism and ailments related to arthritis. While yams ... Read More »

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Does aunt sue's raw-wild natural honey contain pollen?

It looks as if it;s American honey through and through.//" Sue Bee Honey is a registered trademark of Sioux Honey Association, Cooperative.""Sioux Honey Association is one of the world's leading ho... Read More »

Does mountain dew have steroids in it?

I love MD and drink it everyday and if it had steroids, I'd have the body of professional body builder, so the answer is NO!

How does steroids affect the body?

Anabolic steroids are taken to increase muscle size and strength. The large doses necessary have many side effects. These include: Liver cancer, kidney damage, increased risk of heart disease, stun... Read More »

Why does rash reappear after steroids stopped?

Your steroids were contaminated. You might still have an active, unresolved infection in your body. See a doctor.