Does wikipedia have a "wikibar" I can add to my browser?

Answer You can add wikipedia top the search box in firefox if it isn't already there. Just click the small arrow next to the Google icon and a drop down menu will appear and you can switch to wikipedia o... Read More »

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Why dont the image files in wikipedia appear on my browser?

Some browsers don't automatically update the adobe flash player, or sometimes the security settings in your computer prevent automatic updates. You probably need to go get the newest adobe flash.J... Read More »

Where can I see the web browser statistics for Wikipedia- i.e. which browsers are used to access it?

Historic data is available on a special statistics page (link below), but is apparently no longer maintained -- the last update was apparently February 2004. This was before IE7, and before Firefox... Read More »

Is there any good browser better than microsoft internet browser or the one that comes with every computer?

Where do i find the browser update for sbc yahoo browser? - that is the update center for your browser.. or you can go to