Does wikipedia count as an encyclopedia article in the works cited page?

Answer Wikipedia is actually not a trusted source for information. A lot of professors and teachers do not accept it as a resource for papers. The reason is because content on Wikipedia can be modified, a... Read More »

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Is there a free online encyclopedia like Wikipedia but is a more reliable source that can be cited? site is awesome and reliable

How to Do a Works Cited Page in MLA?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) designates how to cite works in liberal arts and humanities academic papers. Often students in undergraduate studies will use MLA guidelines. MLA style require... Read More »

Works cited with wikipedia?

Read the source that Wikipedia cites, then cite that original source. You don't need to cite Wikipedia unless you're citing Wikipedia's content. A good general rule is to cite the original source o... Read More »

How do I alphabetize a Works Cited page?

Alphabetizing Author NamesOn an essay's or paper's "Works Cited" page, each citation should be alphabetized by the author's last name.Alphabetizing Without Author NamesIf you do not know the author... Read More »