Does wikipedia always tell the facts right?

Answer No, it doesn't always tell the facts right. The problem is that it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. Consider the following statements, which you might find in Wikipedia at one time or anoth... Read More »

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Do you trust wikipedia for your facts?

I don't usually use it for statistical info, as that can easily be incorrect; however, I can trust Wikipedia for definitions, characteristics, etc., which can usually be judged as right or wrongs j... Read More »

Why does everyone say that Wikipedia is all garbage It has real facts...?

People (usually journalists who obviously don't know what they are talking about) compare it to an imaginary perfect source of information written by omniscient gods. Those people seem to forget th... Read More »

Is a reliable website for facts?

There are quite enough reasons to distrust Wikipedia without even having to make fun of Jimbo's personal life. I would think the best reasons are concrete mistakes that have actually appeared in Wi... Read More »

I need 5 incorrect facts of statements from wikipedia?

i hate wikipedia, it's always wrong. alright well i found one thing for you.…go there, then scroll down where it says Sandy McSouthers. it says he's 63 yea... Read More »