Does whole foods have gluten free cheese tortellini?

Answer There is no Whole Foods brand of gluten free cheese tortellini. However, there IS a gluten free cheese tortellini that exists. Some Whole Foods carry it, some do not. It depends on your particular ... Read More »

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Are soy foods gluten-free?

Soybeans are naturally gluten-free. Because of this, most soy-based foods also are gluten-free. Foods with soy in their name to avoid include soy sauce and soy protein meat substitutes, because the... Read More »

Is cream cheese gluten-free?

Cream cheese is a gluten-free food. It is made of milk and heavy cream and sometimes contains guar or carob gum and rennet. It is a soft cheese that does not require any aging in order to be enjoye... Read More »

Is Stilton cheese gluten-free?

All blue cheese, including Stilton, is safe for gluten-free diets. Though blue cheese does contain minute amounts of gluten, the concentration is so small that consuming it will not adversely affec... Read More »

Is Velveeta cheese gluten-free?

Kraft Velveeta cheese is a popular ingredient in foods like dip and macaroni and cheese. If you consume a gluten-free diet, you can eat Velveeta cheese without worrying about compromising your eati... Read More »