Does white magic work?

Answer On One Hand: There is no Scientific BasisEmpiricism is the way in which scientists decide what does or does not exist in the world. According to Helium Magazine, empirical evidence must be observab... Read More »

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Does the Leg Magic work?

On One Hand: Reviews From UsersThe Leg Magic is a machine that claims to shape your legs with simple gliding workouts and a simple workout routine. It claims to work better than squats and leg pres... Read More »

Does Herbal Magic work?

Took a while to even find the ingredients for it, but it's just another overly hyped "herbal" diet aid but the main "diet ingredients" aren't even herbal and the product doesn't claim to do anythin... Read More »

Does Washer Magic work?

On One Hand: Washer Magic WorksWasher Magic does work. The product is designed to clean the inside tub, pump and hoses of your washing machine by removing lime scale and rust caused by hard water a... Read More »

Does the magic bullet really work?

On One Hand: Good ReviewsThe Magic Bullet has received favorable reviews from customers and news outlets. Some reviews state that it is notable for quick preparation of foods such as coffee beans a... Read More »