Does whisky contain alcohol ?

Answer Yes, Yes - you see now that I have answered your question correctly and concisely twice I am elevated above the others and should get best answer?

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How young are you when u start drink beer,whisky and wine.?

I started drinking around age 35. Drinking age was 18 when I was young, but didn't care for the bar scene. When I turned 21, (age was then raised), my friends took me out for a drink, which I beg... Read More »

Can I have whisky and then Gin?

yes! and it gets you wasted! drink less altogether so you wont be bloated and you save money in bars! i do it all the time so go for it!!!

Can someone recommend a whisky?

If he likes Glenfiddich then he should like Glenlivet, it's a similar strength of flavour.Otherwise, look at the Scottish 'Single Malt' types in shops and get any of the reasonably popular ones. (... Read More »

Whisky or Vodka ?