Does whiskey get better in the bottle?

Answer No, whiskey does not improve in the bottle with age. This is because whiskey matures in casks after it is distilled, and once it is bottled and sealed, no more oxygen can reach the spirit--making f... Read More »

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How long does an open bottle of whiskey last?

Once a bottle of whiskey has been opened, it's good for approximately six months to a year, depending on your palate. After six months, the alcohol in the whiskey starts to evaporate and oxidation ... Read More »

How much does a bottle of 1959 Seagram's whiskey cost?

All whiskey stops fermentation when it's bottled, so a 1959 bottle probably costs little more than current market price. According to "The Art of Drink," a "bottle of 1974 Seagrams VO might not be ... Read More »

Does bottled whiskey get better with age?

According to, the age quoted on a bottle of whiskey is determined by the age of the youngest whiskey in the bottle. Whiskey does not mature in the bottle like wine and will always ... Read More »

Does scotch whiskey get better with age?

On One Hand: Aged Whisky Tastes BetterAccording to Whiskey Magazine, the longer a whiskey matures in the cask, the barrel it is stored in, the more flavor it acquires. According to the Scotch Whisk... Read More »