Does weightlifting burn fat?

Answer On One Hand: Weightlifting Burns CaloriesAny activity that requires the use of your muscles burns calories, including weightlifting. As your expend energy lifting weights, the body requires energy ... Read More »

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Question about weightlifting?

just do bicep curlsdo 3 to 5 sets of as many repetitions as you can for each arm every other them a regular speed without swinging your body. just all with bicep strength.don't think about... Read More »

How to Build Muscle for Weightlifting?

How many times have you tried to participate in weightlifting, but you never feel like your muscles are improving? If you want to succeed in weightlifting this article can help you succeed.

SORE ELBOW From Weightlifting?

Ice would have worked if you actually left it on long enough. When applying ice, you have to leave it on until the area is numb. To get to the numb stage, you have to go through a cold stage, a bur... Read More »

1hour of weightlifting: how active is it?

Depends on your definition of strenuous. Is that lifting as much as you possibly can until failure, or lifting a comfortable weight a set number of times? If that is lifting as much as you possibly... Read More »