Does weight loss by hypnosis work?

Answer On One Hand: What Hypnosis Can DoAlthough science has not been able to fully determine how hypnosis works, it is understood that beneficial change can take place when the conscious mind is suppress... Read More »

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Does phentermine work well for weight loss Fat loss to be specific?

Phentermine is a wonderful weight loss product. After my wife delivered our child, she started working out, exercising, and she was also supplementing with phentermine. She lost alot of fat in a fa... Read More »

Does LA Weight Loss work?

On One Hand: Positive AspectsLA Weight Loss provides an individually tailored and comprehensive weight loss program for individuals looking to improve their health. Like most diet and exercise prog... Read More »

What exactly is a weight loss cleanse How does it work And which is the best out there?

Cleansing and flushing your body is much like getting an oil change for your car. After a certain number of miles, or rather months of processed foods, food dyes, chemicals and fats, it's important... Read More »

Does the ali weight loss pill really work?

I tried the 2 week free sample of Alli and I can tell you that it worked for me, I lost 7lbs during that time. The only downside to it was that I had diarrhea for the first few days until I limited... Read More »