Does wearing sweats help you burn more fat&calories while running?

Answer Jogging is wonderful exercise, which burns approximately 110 calories per mile. Wearing sweats when you jog will help you lose water weight, but it will not help you burn fat or calories.Source:Bra... Read More »

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Does lemon help you burn more calories?

No, lemon will help to drain water from your body, making it appear as though you have lost weight but other than that it doesn't actually do anything.

My computer will burn CDs, but not DVDs....more details....Please Help!!!?

It won't burn DVDs because it wasn't equipped with a DVD burner. (They were still uncommon back in 2004.) Your combo drive will read DVDs and CDs, but can only burn to CDs. Sorry for the bad new... Read More »

Does wearing eyeliner give you more confidence?

Yeah, actually. For me it does. I feel more attractive because I don't wear it often & I feel good about myself. Star? Yes, I shop there...

How to Use a Bed Fan to Help Stop Night Sweats?

Night sweats are a result of heat not being transferred away from your body fast enough. Granted there are many reasons that you could be generating this extra heat, but for this lets just say, you... Read More »