Does wearing Hapad shoe inserts help?

Answer On One Hand: Hapad Inserts Will HelpAccording to the company's website, Hapad shoe inserts are "medically designed, proven effective, affordable alternatives to costly custom orthotics and 'quick-f... Read More »

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Will wearing Insoles/Inserts for flat feet make it harder for me to walk without Insoles?

I also have fallen arches/flat feet. Have 1 pair of'indoor shoes'with normal soles so you dont have to practise in public and have your insole shoes for outside home, it will get you used to the no... Read More »

Would some sort of inserts help for boots too big?

They are called heel grips and you can obtain them in many places including your local shoe repair shop. inner soles also take up space if the boots are real... Read More »

Why does wearing a copper bracelet help joint pain?

Wearing copper and or magnets does not help your joints in any way shape or form that has been proven through the use of double blind studies.Copper bracelets do look pretty though.

Does wearing reading glasses help with myopia?

Taking your glasses off for extended close work is the best thing to do.It won't reduce myopia, but may help in stopping it from advancing as fast if you are still a young teen.Wearing reading glas... Read More »