Does waving the curser around the screen make things load quicker?

Answer This is a very good question and it exposes all these people who use computers but know nothing. The answer is YES it does. You've tried it and it works. I don't have time to tell you why it does b... Read More »

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What causes a curser to jump and 'wriggle unexpectedly' across the screen?

How can i load things from a broken iPod touch?

-.- dood it's broken ie. it doesn't work if It doesn't work it can't do anything if it can't do anything it can't upload to your computer ( I think that's what you're trying to do ) and if you're t... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the "Sims 3" Load Screen?

When you insert your game disc for "The Sims 3" into your computer and click "Play", the main program window launches. You will see the game's "Loading" screen for a few seconds before you are gree... Read More »

I minimized the sims 3 on my macbook pro and now it wont load it to full screen again?

Have you tried holding down the power button on your Mac?