Does wattage equal power for handheld mixers?

Answer On One Hand: Manufacturers Suggest Wattage Equals PowerAll manufacturers of handheld mixers proudly list the wattage for their product. For years, 250 watts and under was the standard for mixers, b... Read More »

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Power Supply Wattage?

you could use this tool…click "Calculate" button once you're done.No one in Yahoo answers can be 100% sure so I think it's better for you if you calculate ... Read More »

Is it bad to have extra wattage on a power supply?

NO, having a bigger power supply is not bad at all.Your components will only draw what power is needed, they cannot draw more.Don't listen to Hannah, a power supply will only output what's used in ... Read More »

How can i find out the Wattage of my computers power supply?

The SR1710 and SR1720 came with 250watt power supplies. Most PCI Express cards require 300Watts plus.More power is better anyway. The more output your power supply is capable of, the more stable it... Read More »

How to Calculate Power Amp Current Draw From an Output Wattage?

Every time you use an electrical appliance, it consumes power. The power consumption of appliances is usually printed on them, expressed as a value in watts. U.S. homes are supplied with a constant... Read More »