Does water have effect on how plants grow?

Answer Answer In a manner of speaking, yes, since it determines whether they grow. Answer Yes, it does have an effect on how plants grow. If you give a plant too much water, it may wilt and die. If you do... Read More »

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Should you water plants flowers herbs etc with mineral water does the type of mineral water matter and what effect do alkaline levels have?

You want to try and avoid watering plants with mineral water. The alkaline levels will kill some plants and can cause other plants to change colors in there flowers, fruit size, and fruit development.

What is the effect of tap water on plants?

Ordinary tap water is used by many people to water their houseplants. However, depending on the variety of plants grown, or the quality of the water, prolonged use may end up harming your plants.Mi... Read More »

Do plants grow better with lake water, tap water or distilled water?

On One Hand: Distilled WaterDistilling water occurs when water is heated until it becomes vapor and is subsequently cooled. After this distillation process, all minerals and chemicals are removed f... Read More »

How does bleach in tap water effect the growth of bean plants?

the plants would turn white, in result of the chlorifyll in the leaves to "bleached". The plant would then soon wilt and die, because bleach does not have the right nutrients to sustain the life of... Read More »