Does water have a higher heat capacity than alcohol?

Answer Water has a higher heat capacity than alcohol. The amount of heat to raise fresh water one degree Celsius is 4.19. To get the same results with various alcohols ranges between 2.3 to 2.72 degrees C... Read More »

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Is there any DVD with higher capacity than 8 GB ?

No, you'll need to use Blu-Ray or HD DVD, which is, unfortunately, very expensive for blank media. I don't think HD DVD blank media is out yet, so I guess you'll either need to use multiple DVDs or... Read More »

Does land have a high or low heat capacity?

Land always has a lower heat capacity than water, but it varies based on the type of soil and moisture conditions. Wet soil has a lower heat capacity since evaporation and plant respiration take en... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of sea water?

According to the National Physical Laboratory, the specific heat capacity of seawater varies with its temperature. At 0 degrees C, the heat capacity is 3985 J kg−1 K−1. At 20 degreesC, it is... Read More »

What is the Capacity of Water to Absorb & Store Heat?

Water has a very high heat capacity, which is the amount of heat a substance will absorb until it begins to increase its temperature. Water can absorb a lot of heat without becoming extremely hot.