Does water have ANY calories at all?

Answer I am so tempted to give you a smartess answer here, but no, it's Hydrogen and Oxygen, two colorless, odorless gasses that are combined. No calories, no way of making calories. Drink as much as you ... Read More »

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Does water have any calories?

No, water has zero calories. But a pint of water weighs a pound, so if you drink a lot of water while you're dieting, and weigh yourself just afterward, it may look as though you've put on weight.... Read More »

How can soda really have calories but yet water doesn't?

It is the sugar in soda that carries the calories, not the water.

Does Aquafina water contain calories?

Aquafina is bottled water that is produced by the PepsiCo company. Since it it simply water, it has no calories. The nutrition facts for Aquafina can be found on the label on the side of the bottle... Read More »

Does hot water help you in burning calories?