Does water for fuel really work?

Answer On One Hand: Many People Believe Cars Can Run on WaterThere is a large number of people that believe cars can run on water, claiming that it can reduce or eliminate the need for gasoline. There ar... Read More »

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Does hydrogen fuel injection really work?

On One Hand: It Seems to Work in the Real WorldDespite popular hype, hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) doesn't allow a car to burn water. An HFI module breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen, then ... Read More »

Does the Syntek fuel additive really work?

On One Hand: No Tests Have Disproved ClaimsSyntek relies on customer testimonials to backup claims that its product increases a car's gas mileage. Since it has not undergone testing from the U.S. E... Read More »

Does kangen water really work ?

No.1) You cannot "alkalize" water using an "ioniser". Pure water consists of stable molecules. They are not alkaline or acidic and so can't be "separated out" For water to be acidic or alkaline you... Read More »

Do HHO fuel generators really work?

On One Hand: Great ConceptHHO is highly flammable hydrogen gas. It can be obtained from water, which is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. HHO--sometimes known as Brown's gas, for the inventor of the ... Read More »