Does watching videos on youtube mean your streaming videos and use up your gb?

Answer Yes you are downloading the videos, so therefore you are using your gigabytes. I have Hughesnet Satellite Internet and I can only use YouTube so many times a day before I go over the allowance.

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Is it illegal to record sounds in youtube videos and put them in your own videos?

If those sounds are copyrighted then yes.Some Copyrighted Materials: Audiovisual works, such as TV shows, movies, and online videos Sound recordings and musical compositions Written works,... Read More »

Does watching videos on YouTube use more MacBook Pro battery power?

Watching YouTube videos on a MacBook Pro uses more battery power than less intensive activities such as surfing the Web or chatting, but this is true of any streaming video website. To conserve bat... Read More »

How to download streaming youtube videos..?

easier than software is this

How to Download Streaming Youtube Videos with KeepVid?

Sometimes you like some videos and want to share it with your friends.But on some occasions,the videos get deleted from the site due to violation of Community Guidelines and many more things,so her... Read More »