Does wasabi lose it’s flavour if you heat it up?

Answer The potency will dissipates in about 20 minutes after it is exposed to air - heating them in high heat will even make it dissipate faster. The flavor is very subtle since the wasabi flavor is not t... Read More »

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How does the human body lose heat?

Do watermelon lose their sugar in the heat?

Answer No, actually just the opposite happens. Hot summers will produce sweeter watermelons which means that growing in cooler climates can pose a challange to growing sweet watermelons. There ar... Read More »

Do you lose urinary volume during heat stroke?

Yes and no. Dehydration is usually comorbid with (occurring alongside) heat stroke. One result of dehydration is reduced urine volume so, while a patient displaying symptoms of heat stroke will li... Read More »

Do wool blankets lose their ability to heat after awhile?

It may have to do with it being misshapen now. According to thiswebsite you have to use cool water and dry it over a drying rackor chairs…