Does warm water help you sleep?

Answer maybe you should try warm decaffeinated tea

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Why Does Warm Milk Help People Sleep?

For generations, people have claimed that a glass of warm milk before bed will help you sleep. No one knows for certain when or where this belief began, but it has become an almost universally acce... Read More »

Does drinking warm milk help you sleep faster?

On One Hand: Studies Have Not Proven EffectivenessAccording to the Mayo Clinic, no specific food has proven to be effective in helping people fall asleep faster. Although milk contains tryptophan, ... Read More »

Do you kill more germs washing your hands with warm water or cold water does it matter?

When you wash your hands, you are actually "washing off" the microrganisms "germs" from your hands. It does not matter.Warm, depending on the temperature can actually induced bacterial spores "bact... Read More »

Why does warm water not quench your thirst but cold does?

Warm water will give your brain the sensation of warmth and feeling that it is almost a meal as apposed to thirst quenching.Cold or cool water will make your brain believe that your thirst is quenc... Read More »