Does vomiting kill you?

Answer the only way anyone will die from puking is if they choke on their own puke. if they are flat on their back and the puke remains in the upper respiratory system, it would cause one to suffocate.

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How does dizziness cause vomiting?

It is to do with your ears and balance - There are various causes* Travel sickness, where your ears are not used to travel, it can mainly occur on winding country roads and also on boat and ship tr... Read More »

How soon does vomiting happen in an early pregnancy?

All pregnancy's are different, but if you are on to get morning sickness usually around your second month.

How long does heroin withdrawal vomiting last?

On One Hand: Vomiting PossibleVomiting is a symptom of heroin withdrawal. The body is physically dependent on the drug and has cravings for the drug. This takes a physical toll on the body and can ... Read More »

Does Avomine (promethazine theoclate) stop vomiting?

It is designed to. It is not however as potent as many other antiemetics.