Does vitamin D deficiency run in families?

Answer Vitamin D deficiency can run in families that have a history of hereditary rickets, a disease that does not allow the kidneys to retain vital minerals. In addition, families that live in climates w... Read More »

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Does a vitamin D deficiency cause this?

I would be concerned with thyroid & recommend the at home Barnes Basal Temperature test - but according to this article - Hair loss and rickets are the primary symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.Art... Read More »

Does vitamin D deficiency result in still births?

Eclampsia is the complication of pregnancy with hypertension, proteinuria++++,edema and convulsion.

Does social security disability recognize vitamin b12 deficiency?

On One Hand: It's Not In the Blue BookSocial Security maintains a list of conditions known as the Blue Book. It lists conditions that may become disabling, along with specific criteria for evaluati... Read More »

Vitamin C Deficiency in a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are one of several species that can suffer from a serious vitamin C deficiency because their bodies can't produce it on their own. In people, a vitamin C deficiency is called "scurvy." ... Read More »