Does vitamin D deficiency result in still births?

Answer Eclampsia is the complication of pregnancy with hypertension, proteinuria++++,edema and convulsion.

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What is the result of a vitamin b12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 is necessary for normal nerve function and the formation of red blood cells. Deficiencies in the vitamin can result in neurological disturbances, sleep disturbances, mood disorders and ... Read More »

Does vitamin D deficiency run in families?

Vitamin D deficiency can run in families that have a history of hereditary rickets, a disease that does not allow the kidneys to retain vital minerals. In addition, families that live in climates w... Read More »

Does a vitamin D deficiency cause this?

I would be concerned with thyroid & recommend the at home Barnes Basal Temperature test - but according to this article - Hair loss and rickets are the primary symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.Art... Read More »

Does social security disability recognize vitamin b12 deficiency?

On One Hand: It's Not In the Blue BookSocial Security maintains a list of conditions known as the Blue Book. It lists conditions that may become disabling, along with specific criteria for evaluati... Read More »