Does vitamin C get rid of gray hair?

Answer On One Hand: Dead FollicleGray hair is a dead follicle that no longer produces pigment, according to Scientific American. Once the hair follicle dies there is nothing to get rid of gray hair. Illne... Read More »

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Can vitamin C reverse gray hair?

On One Hand: No Conclusive StudiesAs of the writing of this article, there have not been any clinical studies published to confirm the effects of Vitamin C on reversing gray hair. Vitamin C found i... Read More »

Can high doses of Vitamin C get rid of gray hair?

Gray hair is hair that has lost its pigment. It is comprised of dead cells. The condition of gray hair is permanent. No amount of vitamin C, or any other vitamin, can return the pigment to gray hai... Read More »

How to Go Back to Gray After Gray Hair Was Dyed Brown?

Millions of women and men dye their hair each year to cover the gray. If you've been dying your hair brown and now want to return it to its natural state, there are methods to achieve this. By choo... Read More »

Does hair turn gray or grow out gray from the roots?