Does vinegar ruin the septic tank?

Answer On One Hand: Vinegar is Great for the Septic TankVinegar is an eco-safe, cheap way to maintain your septic system. According to the Cooperative Extension (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at ... Read More »

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Will Vinegar Cleaning Solution Ruin My Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors, made from composite material, are designed to resemble hardwood floors. While laminate is inexpensive, it does require regular cleaning and maintenance. A simple vinegar-and-water ... Read More »

Can a raw egg in the gas tank ruin a car?

Putting any foreign substance into a car's gas tank can damage the engine. An egg in a gas tank can block or interfere with pumping gas into the tank, and will, at the least, necessitate cleaning t... Read More »

Septic tank?

Don't do that. Even if a product (such as baby wipes) says it is safe to flush it - don't! If you do flush the tampons, the man that comes to pump out the septic tank will scold you. I was SO em... Read More »

How Far Should a Septic Tank Be From a Well?

Some of the fastest growing careers in the United States during the 2008 to 2018 decade are in the medical field. In fact, according to the College Board website, about a quarter of the nation's to... Read More »