Does vinegar help plants grow?

Answer Vinegar kills plants.

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Does salt water or vinegar water help plants grow?

On One Hand: Herbicidal QualitiesBoth salt and vinegar work as herbicides, meaning that they kill plants. Undiluted vinegar can be poured directly on plants to kill them. Salt added to water will s... Read More »

Why does vinegar kill plants?

Vinegar is acidic. This damages the plant in thee ways.1. Direct change in the acidity of the soil, damaging the root system tissues directly.2. Vinegar changes the pH of the soil, locking up certa... Read More »

Is it true that music/or talking to plants makes plants grow?

I saw the same thing on MythBusters, Sasha. . . It was an awesome experiment. The reason I wanted to see that particuar episode, is because my grandmother and I always sing and talk to our plants,... Read More »

Is vinegar good for tomato plants?

Vinegar works as a fertilizer for tomato plants when used in combination with ammonia and water. Sprinkle a mixture of 1 cup of ammonia, 2 cups of vinegar and 5 gallons of water on the soil and the... Read More »