Does using the ac lower gas mileage?

Answer Use of an auto's air conditioning system does reduce gas mileage, but only minimally. At increased speeds, with the engine running at a higher rpm, the effect is negligible. Opening windows instead... Read More »

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Do turbochargers lower mileage?

Turbochargers perk up performance by increasing engine efficiency and tend to improve gas mileage for the average driver. Belt-driven superchargers, on the other hand, earn their boosts by sucking... Read More »

Why does London Underground Lower it's ceilings by using fake ceilings making its stations even more cramped?

It's all about noise control. The panel and walls are designed to absorb noise.

How to Improve Gas Mileage by Properly Using Spark Plugs?

Replacing spark plugs doesn't require a PhD in physics, but it's important to do the job correctly. Otherwise, you'll waste gas and pay more at the pump. One key benefit of changing spark plugs is ... Read More »

Using Baking Soda Water to Improve Gas Mileage?

Improving the gas mileage of your vehicle might be a concern for you. New technology and innovations have made it possible for your car to extend its mileage, and now doing so may be as simple as l... Read More »