Does using a/c in my car use more gas?

Answer The amount of energy needed to run a car air conditioner is considerable, so turning it off will save fuel. However, rolling down the car windows will offset the savings because of the additional e... Read More »

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Does using the air conditioner in the car use more gas?

Air conditioning can decrease fuel economy by 10 to 20 percent at speeds below 40 miles an hour. Above that, wind drag caused by open windows will decrease gas mileage, and using the air conditione... Read More »

On Youtube, will you get more views using more or less "tag words"?

I think you can get more views by leaving good comments and ratings on other people's videos. They'll see that and go see yours. Try it on this channel:

Does taping "black" after using a MiniDV let you reuse the tape more?

The more you use a tape, the more chances for the tape to be damaged and trying to record that "oscar-winning" beautiful shot on broken tape will ruin your shot, and then NO OSCAR FOR YOU!I try to ... Read More »

Would upgrading my wireless router give more stability in service while using more devices?

How much bandwidth do you have from your ISP? Up and Down? How far away are your wireless devices from the wireless router? Type of wireless router? Need to know to give you good answer : )