Does using a secured credit card for a business improve your credit?

Answer On One Hand: Business Credit.Businesses have their own credit scores that are different from your personal credit score. A secured credit card obtained under the business' name will affect the busi... Read More »

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Do businesses need a secured business credit card?

On One Hand: Not at AllAccording to Eric Tyson in "Small Business For Dummies," businesses don't need credit cards at all, let alone specifically a secured credit card. Dave Ramsey supports this op... Read More »

Does a secured credit card look just like a regular credit card?

A secured credit card differs from a standard credit card in the fact that the borrower must make a deposit to the credit card company to protect the company from the likelihood of default. Merchan... Read More »

What does a secured credit card mean?

A secured credit card has its limit attached to some form of collateral, typically a savings account. This gives the lender an alternative to collect payment on the credit card debt, in the event o... Read More »

Does Discover have a secured credit card?

Discover does not currently have a secured credit card option, however the company does have several different credit options for applicants and college students. To receive a Discover credit card,... Read More »