Does using a router slow down internet connection on each computer I am using it on 2 PC's.?

Answer I know it does, I work for an ISP and it really can anywhere from 20 to 50%

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How do I get internet connection on my reformatted computer I already have a router and internet service?

Did you have wireless internet prior to reformatting your computer? If so you should be able to reconnect by clicking the Internet Access button in the Task Bar (The bar at the bottom that the star... Read More »

Can you hook up a router to a computer that is not connected to the modem, but still has internet connection?

Depending on the type of device this spare is, it will most likely not be able to provide you any additional range of signal in your home. The only way this would be possible is if it were a modem/... Read More »

Will saving images to your computer, to upload them to a site, slow down your internet connection?

Hi,If your computing functions use maximum bandwidth then it will surely slow down your PC. Moreover, the slow down of PC will also depend on the image size, resolution and the compression techniqu... Read More »

Why is my internet connection slow?

Yeah that does seem strange because you can download at 300kb/s and then for some reason it goes down to 20. If it isn't someone in your house using the internet as well because if 2 people are dow... Read More »